MACL, toplam 25.000 MVR’ye ulaşan yıllık ikramiyeyi duyurdu

Employee motivation and satisfaction play a crucial role in the success of any organization. One effective way to enhance these aspects is through the provision of performance-based bonuses.

These monetary incentives not only recognize employees’ hard work and dedication but also encourage them to strive for excellence. One of the companies that has been doing this better than anyone else for years has been the Maldives Airpors Company Limited (MACL).

And now, MACL has once again announced a generous annual bonus. This bonus, amounting to MVR 25,000 will be extended to each of the company’s employees who fulfilled specific criteria during the fiscal year of 2022.

The recent circular issued by MACL outlines the eligibility criteria for employees to receive the bonus. Those who were employed throughout the entirety of the fiscal year will be entitled to the full bonus amount.

However, the company also acknowledges the contributions of those who served for at least six months or more. Employees falling under this category, as well as those who decided to leave the company during the course of the year, will receive bonuses proportional to the duration of their employment in 2022.

The impact of such bonuses extends beyond the immediate monetary gain. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication can significantly enhance their motivation and job satisfaction.

This, in turn, translates into improved workplace morale, higher levels of engagement, and increased productivity. When employees see their efforts acknowledged and rewarded, they are more likely to be invested in the success of the organization.

The commitment of MACL to its employees is reflected not only in this year’s bonus announcement but also in its track record. In 2022, the company granted the same bonus of MVR 25,000 to each of its employees. This consistency underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a positive and encouraging work environment, promoting employee loyalty, and recognizing the role of its workforce in the company’s achievements.

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